[ARCHIVE] Follow the 74th Revival AAA Glidden Tour® as they roll through the Carolinas

Follow the 74th Revival AAA Glidden Tour® on AAA’s Instagram and Facebook pages next week as antique vehicles roll through the Olde English District and the Carolinas from September 23-27.

[ARCHIVE] AAA PSP wins Network of Savings Ford Truck for Service Provider Heroism

AAA Service Provider Network of Savings contest asked Service Providers to share stories of their most rewarding experiences on the job, in order to identify and reward "Real Heroes of the Road." 3 sizable prizes were awarded. First place was a Ford F150, which went to ACG PSP, Fox City's Towing.

[ARCHIVE] GALLERY: West Coast and Mid-West Town Hall Meetings
Town Hall focuses on association strategy. Read more
[ARCHIVE] Connected Car Predictions for 2015

What’s ahead for the connected car in 2015 – improved technology, cyber threats, integration with personal electronics, big data and privacy?

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[ARCHIVE] Increasing AAR awareness and usage

The average repair shop in the automotive industry spends 3 percent to 5 percent of their total sales on marketing. AAA Approved Auto Repair facilities have an opportunity to make their marketing spen

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[ARCHIVE] Connected Car: what is the association working on?

How will AAA connect with members when they are in their vehicles, and how can information produced by vehicles be applied, with permission, to enhance membership value?

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[ARCHIVE] Ford Program purchases increase 44 percent

AAA clubs and service providers saved more than $1 million in the first quarter of 2015 on vehicles purchased through the preferred supplier program offered by Ford Motor Company.

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[ARCHIVE] GALLERY: 2015 Florida Tow Show
Photos from the 2015 PWOF Tow Show in Florida Read more
[ARCHIVE] Invoice changes for AAA Battery Service

AAA battery purchase invoices have been revised and are currently being introduced to the service provider network through attrition.

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[ARCHIVE] AAA earns patent for Diagnostic Code Translator

The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has awarded AAA a patent for the Diagnostic Code Translator, a software system that interprets nearly 5,000 diagnostic trouble codes.

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