[ARCHIVE] AAA PSP wins Network of Savings Ford Truck for Service Provider Heroism

AAA Service Provider Network of Savings contest asked Service Providers to share stories of their most rewarding experiences on the job, in order to identify and reward "Real Heroes of the Road." 3 sizable prizes were awarded. First place was a Ford F150, which went to ACG PSP, Fox City's Towing.

[ARCHIVE] Labor Recruitment and Savings Summit this Friday, July 23 for AAA Contractors and Clubs, Hosted By Network of Savings

Summit 2-4PM EDT July 23 for all service providers and clubs.
2:45-3:30: Labor Recruitment Workshop - Tactics and techniques for recruiting and acquiring ERS and AAR techs and talent. PLEASE ATTEND

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[ARCHIVE] NAPA Offers a Break on Brakes

AAA Members can save big on NAPA Brakes whether they are a DIY-er or prefer to have the work professionally performed at a AAA Approved Auto Repair Facility during the entire month of July.

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[ARCHIVE] Great Referral Race Results are In

The competition has ended for the AAA National sponsored Approved Automotive Repair referral race campaign!

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[ARCHIVE] New National AAR Partner

Penske Automotive Group joins National AAR program

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[ARCHIVE] AAR Webinar This Tuesday, Feb.2 - How to Exceed AAA CSI Standards in 30 Days

AAA Network of Savings to host AAR webinar Feb. 2 at 1PM featuring SureCritic who will share how AARs can use their solutions to exceed AAA CSI requirements in 30 days or it's free...

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[ARCHIVE] Implementation of Chevron's GF-6 Product Line

Chevron/Halvoline has formulated their products to meet the current automotive specification from GF-5 to GF-6/API SP.

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[ARCHIVE] SureCritic AAR Customer Satisfaction and Member Experience Solutions

Network of Savings announced to clubs, earlier this week, SureCritic, Inc as preferred supplier for AAR customer satisfaction and member experience solutions.. Learn more about solutions for your club

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[ARCHIVE] New National  Customer Satisfaction and Member Experience Solution for AARs, Coming Soon

AAA/SureCritic partnership to help AARs fulfill their Customer Satisfaction Index requirements, enrich member experience, and enhance the AAA brand

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